Local Animals in Need PLEASE HELP

On Thursday 3/31/16 The Bayou Animal Services in cooperation with The Houston Humane Society, and the Surrounding Police Departments, and Animal Services served a warrant to seize the animals (what they thought was to be approx. 60 animals).  The extensive seizure of these animals extended into the late afternoon.  Where they seized 214 Animals of various breeds: dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, guinea hens, peacocks, bunnies, quail, African Greys, love birds, small birds, snakes, guinea pigs, pigs, donkey, sheep, goats, rats, mice, a turtle, and small reptiles.  The animals were taken to the Houston Humane Society for medical evaluations, properer care, nutrition, water, and any necessary medial treatments.

This has been a HUGE UNDERTAKING for the HOUSTON HUMANE SOCIETY, and they are now in need of the public’s help.  

  1. You can provide a monetary donation to assist with the animals rescued from the Santa Fe Feed Store by going to: HOUSTON HUMANE SOCIETY DONATION
  2. You can sign up to help care for these animals as a Foster or Adoption Home by going to: HOUSTON HUMANE FOSTER & OR ADOPT
  3. You can donate supplies found on their WISH LIST.  We are collecting supplies in 2 locations, or if you need us to come to you let us know and we will come pick up.  All WISH LIST ITEMS collected will be delivered directly to the Houston Humane Society.
    1. Bayou Animal Services | 3811 Dickinson Ave, Dickinson, TX 77539
    2. RE/MAX Pearland Home Team | 2435 Broadway Street, Pearland TX 77581 

For Additional Articles on this Story Check out the Links Below…

The Court Date for this Case has been scheduled to be heard in Galveston County JP Court on Friday April 8, 2016.  If you have any photographs, or pertinent information to this case please contact Bayou Animal Services.  281-337-3117

Some of you may have read Candace’s post about Wilburt the sweet piglet that came to their home as their family pet on March 12, 2016.  He passed away on March 21, 2016.  Per the Santa Fe Feed Store Wilburt was the runt out of a “micro” pig litter that was 4 months old on the day of purchase.  He would grow to be no bigger than the size of a medium size dog under 15 pounds.  Wilburt appeared to be in good health during his stay at their home.  He spent ample amount of time playing with the children, outdoor time, as well as in doors and even had a companion bunny rabbit that he played with.  He fell ill on March 21, 2016.  When Candace went to tend to them that Monday morning, he was pale, not moving nor breathing very much.  She tried giving him honey thinking it was blood sugar, and to drink electrolytes… quickly becoming more concerned she loaded him up, and headed to the Veterinarian in hopes they could help.  The Veterinarian’s office did an amazing job of treating him with fluids, oxygen and care, but he didn’t make it.  To our astonishment Wilburt was NOT a 4 Month old Micro Pig, but in fact a few week old pot bellied piglet that had been taken from his mother much to young.  WILBURT

Upon learning this information Candace went to the Santa Fe Feed Store to ask what they do in these circumstances.  Knowing she had 2 children she would need to explain this to, she needed some information, Anything!  The Santa Fe Feed Store’s owner was called and spoke to over the phone, who was very clear in stating that NO REFUNDS AFTER 3 DAYS OF PURCHASE REGARDLESS, AND NO REPLACEMENT OF ANIMALS REGARDLESS (and she was sticking by her story that it was a micro-pig)

Monday Night on March 21, 2016 Candace made a Facebook Post about her encounter with the Feed Store, What had happened to their Pet Wilburt, asking for direction from anyone that knew what you were to do in this circumstance.  She didn’t want other animals to have to die at a young age for being sold before the appropriate age/development for profit, and didn’t want any other consumers to be caught in the deceptive trade that was taking place at the Santa Fe Feed Store.

Astounding Amounts of 1st Hand Accounts of Similiar Experiences of being sold babies to young that were to be “micro” pigs or “teacup” dogs, or animals that were ill, that died shortly after the purchases started pouring in.  Candace at that point provided her email address: asking anyone that wanted to share their accounts to email their stories as factual as possible with pictures/dates/etc to her to be provided to any authority that would listen.  She provided the information to file a police report, file a report with the Better Business Bureau, file a report with the humane society as well, and the Texas Department of Agriculture in the hopes that if enough reports were filed action would be deemed necessary by authorities.  Less than 48 hours later… Maggie had contact with ABC 13 News, Candace had contact with Bayou Animal Services.

All the authorities involved have been amazing.  Taking such responsibility for the detail, to ensure that these animals well being was taken care of, and that the deceptive trade would be halted from this place of business for the public! A special thank you to Mayra Moreno @ ABC 13 for taking our story seriously & coming out to meet with myself & Candace.  Thank you to Melvin Trover @ Bayou Animal Services for his commitment to ensuring the welfare of the animals of the community.

For additional information you can reach us at Candace@PearlandHomeTeam.com

4 thoughts on “Local Animals in Need PLEASE HELP

  1. My mother purchased a donkey that was to young at first she gave us a 7 day old told us to take it to her home reunite with her mom she gave us another one that was three weeks old with a malformed tounge trying to say my 10 year old was not feeding her shame on her my mother called dr Melton the doctor told my mom that the donkey supposed to stay with its mother for at least 6. Months the donkey died

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